The Last Kingdom…clips


The latest trailer from BBC Two (8th October 2015):-


King Alfred in the spotlight; David talks about his role in ‘The Last Kingdom’:-


‘England almost never was. They managed to build a country despite the fact that really, they were on their last legs.’
The Last Kingdom star David Dawson (King Alfred) takes you behind the story of Wessex!…



BBC Two teaser trailer released on 1st October 2015:-


The following videos are posted on the BBC America ‘The Last Kingdom’ website and consequently are only available to viewers in the U.S.:-

BBCA ‘The Last Kingdom’ official trailer

BBCA ‘The Last Kingdom’ One England teaser trailer

BBCA ‘The Last Kingdom’ opening credits

UK viewers who use Twitter may find that they can view some of the above videos on the following site:-

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