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Richard II

‘Richard II, believing he’s king by divine right, is confronted by rebellion. He becomes isolated, with a shrinking band of supporters, and detached from the country and its people. Shakespeare’s play questions the meaning of ‘monarchy’ is a divinely appointed sovereign can be pushed aside, and a man with no such claim replaces him in power.

Kevin Spacey makes his Shakespearean debut in the UK as the doomed king coming to terms with a life stripped of authority. This is also the first time that Trevor Nunn has directed this celebrated play, and follows his Olivier Award-winning re-investigation of Hamlet at The Old Vic’……. The Old Vic website


Sean Baker
Lewis Barfoot
Kieran Bew
Naomi Capron
David Collings
Oliver Cotton
David Dawson
Peter Eyre
Julian Glover
Jack James
Oliver Kieran-Jones
David Leon
Sidney Livingstone
Ciaran McIntyre
Ben Miles
Steven Miller
Iain Michell
Genevieve O’Reilly
William Osborne
Alistair Robins
Kevin Spacey
Mark Tandy
Susan Tracy
David Weston
Glyn Williams

In his first stage role upon graduating from RADA, David Dawson understudied Kevin Spacey as Richard II and played the Groom.


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