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The Smoke

The Smoke is a British drama that debuted on Sky1 on 20 February 2014.  The show is written by Lucy Kirkwood and stars Jamie BamberJodie Whittaker and Rhashan Stone.  Following the series finale, the show was not renewed for a second season.

The high-adrenaline adventures of White Watch, a team of London firefighters. Leading the crew is Kev, a good man injured and betrayed during the worst fire of his career. Standing by Kev’s side as he returns to work is his gutsy girlfriend Trish and his cocksure friend and fellow firefighter Mal. Other members of the crew include the fearless Ziggy and the mysterious new boy Dennis.


  • Jamie Bamber as Kev Allison, the leader of White Watch.
  • Jodie Whittaker as Trish Tooley, Kev’s supportive girlfriend.
  • Rhashan Stone as Mal Milligan, a member of White Watch and Kev’s best friend.
  • Taron Egerton as Dennis “Asbo” Severs, the rookie of White Watch with a troubled past.
  • Pippa Bennett-Warner as Ziggy Brown, a member of White Watch.
  • Gerard Kearns as Little Al, a member of White Watch.
  • Dorian Lough as Billy “Mince”, a member of White Watch.
  • David Walmsley as Rob, a member of White Watch.
  • Martyn Ellis as Big Al, station manager.
  • Amit Shah as Nick Chandrakala, White Watch Commander.
  • Sam Gittins as Gog, the one responsible for Kev’s accident.
  • Sinead Matthews as Julia Tooley, Trish’s sister.
  • Elizabeth Berrington as Pauline Pynchon, a therapist.
  • David Dawson played a character called Dom in Episode 7.



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