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BBC Radio 4…..To make the Plough go before the Horse

The Stuarts: To Make The Plough Go Before The Horse
Sunday 30 June 2014

Mike Walker’s epic chronicle of The Stuarts continues with the story of James I.
Charting the life and reign of the loneliest boy in the world, King James I, through his relationships with his one love, Esmé Stewart, his bullying tutor, George Buchanan, his charming Queen, Anne, to his favourite, George Villiers.

Becoming King of England does not free James from the prison of his past or his nature; on the other hand it does allow him a vastly broader canvas on which both his virtues and his faults show clearly. He seeks to vindicate his mother’s memory and attacks those who attacked her; he encourages learning and discourages foreign adventures, he supports brilliant men and women but, when convenient, or when bullied, allows them to be destroyed. At his death, will he leave as difficult an inheritance to his son as his mother did to him?

With Bill Paterson as King James I &VI, Stewart Campbell as Young James, John Rowe as George Buchanan, David Dawson as Esmé Stewart, Julian Rhind-Tutt as Prince Charles, Dominic Mafham as Buckingham, Bruce Alexander as Randolph, and Hanna Wood as Anne.

King James I & VI….Bill Paterson
Young James…. Stewart Campbell
Buchanan….John Rowe
Esme Stewart….David Dawson
Prince Charles….Julian Rhind-Tutt
Buckingham….Dominic Mafham
Randolph….Bruce Alexander
Anne….Hannah Wood
Agnes Sampson….Amaka Okafor
Cranfield….Ben Crowe
Chancellor….Matthew Watson
Bishop….Sean Murray

Director….Jessica Dromgoole
Director….Sasha Yevtushenko
Producer….Jessica Dromgoole
Producer….Sasha Yevtushenko
Writer….Mike Walker


Recording the Stuarts....Stewart Campbell and David Dawson

Recording the Stuarts…..Stewart Campbell as Young James and David Dawson as Esmé Stuart

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