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Interview with Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News – December 2009

Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News……..3rd December 2009

Widnes actor David Dawson to hit the big screen alongside Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell

THE profile of gifted actor David Dawson looks likely to soar next year after the Widnesian completed filming for a string of TV and movie roles.

Having hit our television screens last week with a leading performance in the BBC special Gracie! – which formed part of the Women We Loved season – Laurence Olivier Award-nominated David, 27, will next be seen acting opposite Billie Piper in the new series of ITV’s Secret Diaries of a Call Girl, in January.

He will then appear for the first time on the big screen alongside stars including Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley in London Boulevard, late next year.

As the work continues to snowball for the prolific Halton thespian – who has now performed his first TV sex scene with Ashley Madekwe – he admits that he has come a long way since his days of performing in Fairfield High School productions such as Little Shop of Horrors.

David, who appears with Little Voice star Jane Horrocks in Gracie!, which chronicles the life of war-time singer Gracie Fields, said: “Its been a busy year but I’m always trying to challenge myself, develop and do something exciting.

“It’s great to see some beautifully written dramas returning to the BBC.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Gracie since my grandad used to play the song Walter and he would have tears rolling down his eyes with laughter.

“Vera Lynn was the forces’ sweetheart and Gracie fell out of favour, so it was great to get the chance to show her in a different light.”

He added: “I played the role of Harry Parr-Davies, a Welsh pianist who wrote songs such as Wish Me Luck As You Wave Goodbye and who toured with Gracie to raise money for the troops.

“He lived a short lonely life and the pair forged a strong friendship.

“I always like to research my parts and so I found myself staying in character and speaking in a Welsh accent in between shoots!”

Rather than simply indulging in the critical acclaim of a stellar performance in his biggest role to date, David has been busy completing filming for his other projects, as well as finding time to return to the stage alongside Matthew Kelly, Reece Shearsmith and Keith Allen in Comedians, the tale of a bunch of Mancunian funny men, which was showcased at the Lyric and Hammersmith Theatres in London.

David also plans to publish a Charles Dickens-inspired novel next year and it seems that no creative stone will be left unturned until he achieves the kind of success enjoyed by idols such as Charlie Chaplin and Julie Walters.

“You always raise your game when you’re around such big names and I feel I really honed my craft at the theatre.

“You need stamina and have to learn how to work an audience.

“But I’ve found a real love for the camera this year and hope to do a lot more TV and movie work.”

Despite having made a home in London over the past eight years, the ex-RADA pupil plans to head home to Widnes in time for Christmas to visit some of his biggest fans and sternest critics – his family.

“Returning to Widnes is my escape and it’s great to come home and remind myself of what’s important.

“Sometimes you worry about remembering your lines or landing a role, but all that really matters in life is your family and friends.”



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