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‘The Last Kingdom’ series 2 will begin on Thursday 16th March at 9pm on BBC Two

David stars as King Alfred


‘The Secret Agent’ will begin on BBC One on Sunday 17th July on 9pm:

David is cast as Russian handler Vladimir


‘Maigret Sets A Trap’ will air on ITV, Easter Monday, 28th March, 9pm


David has been confirmed as part of a large cast to appear in a series of short films for ‘The Complete Walk’:-



David has filmed two new productions due to air in 2016: ITV’s ‘Maigret Sets A Trap’ with Rowan Atkinson and BBC’s ‘The Secret Agent’ with Toby Jones.

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‘The Last Kingdom’ in which David played King Alfred has been re-commissioned for a second series.


‘The Dazzle’ will run from 10th December 2014 until 30th January 2015 at Found111, Charing Cross Road, London: David is cast as Homer Collyer.


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David Dawson takes over #TheLastKingdom on Thursday 19th November at 8.30pm




David Dawson cast as Homer Collyer alongside Andrew Scott in ‘The Dazzle’


UK air date for 'The Last Kingdom: 22nd October 2015

UK air date for ‘The Last Kingdom: 22nd October 2015

October 2015…’The Last Kingdom’ will premiere on BBC America on 10th October; David is cast as King Alfred the Great.  An air date for the UK has yet to be announced.

September 2015…David has recently been cast in ITV’s ‘Maigret Sets A Trap’ and the BBC’s ‘The Secret Agent’.

Thursday 9th July…David will play George Hedges in a new production written by Emma Spurgin Hussey, ‘The Churchill Barriers’ on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 10th August at 2.15pm.

Wednesday 8th July…Ripper Street series 3 is to air on BBC One, commencing at the end of July.  This is ahead of the UK DVD/Blu-ray release on 28th September.  David appears as ‘Ferreting Fred Best’.

Sunday 1st March…’Gracie!’ to air on UKTV Drama on Saturday 14th March at 9pm.

Friday 13th February…BBC’s Banished is set to air on Thursday 5th March on BBC Two at 9pm:-

4th February 2015…Tickets are now on sale for the UK screenings of  ‘The Duchess of Malfi’:- http://onscreen.shakespearesglobe.com/productions/the-duchess-of-malfi/

January 2015…Jimmy McGovern’s ‘Banished’, a dramatisation based on life at an Australian penal colony during the eighteenth century, is set to air on BBC Two in April:  David appears as Captain David Collins.


Monday 24th November…David Dawson cast as King Alfred the Great in the BBC’s ‘The Last Kingdom’…http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/rutger-hauer-american-horror-story-751825

Friday 14th November…RIPPER STREET SERIES 3, AMAZON PRIME INSTANT VIDEO…starting with a double bill…and culminating in an explosive finale on Boxing Day.  To be screened on BBC1 in the New Year.

Monday 15th September…PEAKY BLINDERS SERIES 1, BBC TWO…with David Dawson as Roberts.

Monday 25th August…RIPPER STREET SERIES 1, UKTV DRAMA…with David Dawson as Fred Best.

Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th August…PARADE’S END, UKTV DRAMA…with David Dawson as Aranjuez.

Sunday 3rd August…THE ROAD TO CORONATION STREET, UKTV DRAMA, 5.15PM…with David Dawson as Tony Warren.

Sunday 13th July…THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD, UKTV DRAMA, 8PM…with David Dawson as Bazzard.

FRED BEST WILL RETURN IN RIPPER STREET SERIES 3…Tiger Aspect Productions have kindly confirmed to me that David would be returning as ‘Ferreting Fred’…(18th June 2014)

This website is officially up and running…save for the addition of some reviews.  Since ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ aired on BBC Four, the interest in David’s work has been huge…not before time! (5th June 2014)

Tuesday 20th May 2014…the Ripper Street crew have been spotted filming at Manchester Town Hall…check out the blog section for some excellent photographs.

As part of the new BBC Arts season, the first production to be performed at the new Sam Wanamaker Playhouse – ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ – will be shown on BBC Four on Sunday 25th May at 8.00pm:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b044yrgg

David Dawson cast as David Collins in a new series by

Jimmy McGovern……..’Banished’

More information from Wikipedia:-


Announcement from the BBC Media Centre:-


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