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Hello! Firstly your blog is awsome, there are not many who can mix things like ripper street and Star Wars!! (Love it) i was wondering if you knew where to watch Damage? (The one David Dawson is in) I’ve looked for it everywhere!!! Thank you! :) :)


Hi and thank you so much, always extra awesome to meet another Dawson fan! 🙂 I’m just basically re-blogging shit that interests me without any specific agenda, tbh, but I’m so glad you like it! 🙂
Unfortunately, I don’t know. I have looked everywhere just like you, even went as far as contacting some Katie McGrath fansites – but no luck. I think it’s just too much of and “independent” movie. The only thing available is that short video on youtube (you probably found it, but just in case – type ‘Katie McGrath Damage’ in youtube and it’s the first thing up there. There are some clips of David in there, but it’s quite a low quality, and little footage.
I’m sorry to disappoint, but I was just as unlucky as you, dear anon 😦

Hello there! Just to add to the ‘Damage’ conversation by saying that I’ve only ever found about 10 seconds worth of David chatting by a poolside on some YouTube footage…sorry! 😕

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