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Review: The Dazzle @Found111 ****

‘Dawson is a chameleon’…exactly so.

Thrifty Theatre Thinker

If I could sum this production up in one word, this would be it: intimate.

Literally everything screams it: from the set, to the plot, to the theatre itself. Currently being played at Found111, The Dazzle follows the real life story of the Collyer brothers, reknowned hoarders played by Andrew Scott and David Dawson. Though, of course, taking a bit of artistic license along the way.

1.jpg Andrew Scott as Langley, and David Dawson as Homer. Photo by Marc Brenner.

The set dressing and staging is incredible. In an intimate theatre, the staging makes you feel as if you have chanced upon a hoarder’s den, creating a welcoming yet claustraphobic sense. In the interval, they change the entire room so it’s unrecognisable: mountains of things engulf the stage, newspapers, bicycles, pianos! It’s a hoarder’s paradise heaven, or rather hell, as the fate of Scott’s Langley proves. In terms of seating, try and get the first rows on…

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