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Temporary cure for Viking withdrawals: Last Kingdom update!

Great blog post about the upcoming BBC adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s ‘The Last Kingdom’. David is cast as King Alfred. I’ve recently read the book again and I can really imagine David in the part.
Julie (admin)

Time Slips

First, a huge apology for the delay in posting lately! I know many of you are suffering already from Viking withdrawals and come here to get a small dose of it to hold you over in the long waiting for raiding season. I want to assure you that I am currently working on an article about Horik and Ragnar that is taking much longer than I anticipated. It is almost finished and hopefully I will get it posted within the next few days.  If you read my previous post about Kings, I mentioned that I would look closer at those Kings. The upcoming article will look at Horik, Ragnar, the history of Danish monarchy, and it will give a bit of what the future holds for a few of  Ragnar’s sons, such as Bjorn and Ivar  in history.


While you’re waiting patiently for that article, I thought perhaps you might…

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